A prominent services provider with locations in Northern and Southern California, Chaddock Fiduciary Services, LLC currently manages more than $20 million in total assets. In the world of finance, a fiduciary refers to an individual who takes responsibility for the administration of the assets of another. Chaddock Fiduciary Services founder, William Chaddock, possesses a wealth of expertise in a wide range of fiduciary responsibilities, including reporting to beneficiaries of a trust or estate, investing trust and estate assets, buying and selling real estate, filing income tax returns, and managing the estate with the proper risk tollerance for assets.

Chaddock Fiduciary Services manages the estates of clients across 10 California counties. As the conservator of an estate, or the trustee of a trust, Chaddock Fiduciary Services oversees the important decisions affecting the viability and safety of the estate’s assets. In addition to marshalling, inventorying and managing all assets in the estate, Chaddock Fiduciary Services receives income from assets, as it is due, applies for pensions, organizes data for tax returns, and pays obligations of the estate. Superior Courts in five California Counties have appointed William Chaddock to official court appointments, to serve as estate conservator and guardian, as well as executor, administrator, and trustee.

Before founding Chaddock Fiduciary Services nearly 20 years ago, William Chaddock served as a branch manager for several major California banks. Mr. Chaddock also sat on a special district board of directors in San Diego County, where he served as a representative on the legislative committee of the California Association of Sanitation Agencies. Mr. Chaddock holds an MBA in Financial Management from National University in San Diego and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the United States International University.


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